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About Slitherio Game

If you have played Snake game before, you will love to play this game Slither.io, which is all about worms, too. Developed by Steve Howse, Slither.io is an .io game which allows its players to take the role of worms and join the game field with millions of other players around the world.

In this game, you are able to define your worm with a name and change your worm’s look by customizing the worm’s skin. Isn’t it interesting? Slither.io serves quite an easy gameplay, which requires you to crawl around the game field and eat as many lighting balls as you can. The lightning balls are decorated in different colours. The more lightning balls you eat the bigger size you will get.

When you get to the game field of Slither.io, you will be amazed at how beautiful the other players’ worms look, which makes your gameplay even more amazing. Even when Slither.io owns an easy gameplay, it doesn’t mean the game isn’t challenging at all. In fact, one of the hardest rule in the game that you have to follow at all cost is avoid running into the other players. You still want to try doing it? Well, then you are responsible for what you do!

You can play this game easily since it has two mobile versions for iOS and Android devices. With Slither.io, everything is easy, but to maintain the peace, you will have to be amazingly skilled. Have fun!

How to Play

Use the mouse cursor to control your worm’s movement.

Hold the mouse left click button when you want to boost your worm’s speed.

Tips and Tricks

You can only boost your worm’s speed when your worm reached a required length.

Take an eye on the leader board if you want to be the strongest and biggest worm in the game field.

Slither.io Unblocked

There are more than one amazing element that you need to explore in the unblocked version of Slither.io. You can easily find and play this version at https://supersmashflash2beta.com, where only incredible games gather.

Slither.io Walkthrough

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