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About 2048 Cupcakes Game

Having been extremely popular in a period of time, 2048 was one of the most fantastic simple games to play in your spare time. 2048 Cupcakes is a puzzle game which was developed as a cute updated version of 2048, promised to be a worth-to-play game in this year. The control of 2048 Cupcakes can’t be easier while you just need the WASD keys or arrow keys on your keyboard to move the cupcakes around the board.

You are given the simplest cupcakes and your mission is to move them together. Once 2 same cupcakes crash into each other, they will turn into a brand new kind of cupcake, which also bring points to you. There is no real finishing mark in 2048 Cupcakes gameplay, the game is always continued as long as you still have at least one blank square in the board for the new cupcake to show up. This also means there might be no final best score at all. All you have to do is reach your own best score, defeat it and create a better one.

By using cupcake images instead of number, the gameplay may get you confused when remembering which cupcakes were created but don’t worry, the “Cupcake” feature button on the screen will show you which highest cupcake you have created. Some other buttons even show you your score and your best records. Quickly gather around here, 2048 Cupcakes is ready to serve!

How to Play

WASD or Arrow keys for moving cupcakes.

Create new cupcakes as many as possible and reach your best score.

Tips and Tricks

Pay attention to the “Cupcake” button to know how far you have gone.

Try to move the cupcakes gathering in one corner.

Sometimes, a wrong move can get your game over.

2048 Cupcakes Unblocked

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2048 Cupcakes Walkthrough

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