About us

Supersmashflash2beta is a free gaming site with thousands of users from around the world. On it, the players can find all the best super smash flash games with many so popular names such as super smash flash 2, super smash flash 2 version 0.8, Superfighters, Super Smash Flash, and more. It is a reputable place for fans of super smash flash series game to play and enjoy their favorite games. On Supersmashflash2beta, all the games are free to play and available to enjoy right on the browser and familiar devices such as personal computer, tablets, or smartphones.

With the main mission is to provide the best place for fans of series Super Smash Flash games, we always try to provide our users with a smooth experience when playing games on Supersmashflash2beta. In order to do that, we always have to care about the user experiences, optimize the interface, and try to bring them a convenient way to enjoy their favorite games.

Being created in 2017, until nowadays, Supersmashflash2beta is a familiar site to gamers around the world with more than three thousands of users per month.

About our team

Our team consists of five members who love playing games since the childhood. We are especially interested in fighting games in which super smash flash 2 is the most favorite game of us. For this reason, we created Supersmashflash2beta to provide our favorite game to many more other players around the world, who have the same hobby as us.

In our team, each member will be in charge of a certain mission in which:

Anthony: He in charge of making sure that every member in team can do their job.

James: He is in charge of the issues relating to technology.

Vivian: She help us with communication and marketing issues.

Alma: He is our content manager. He is the browser games expert of our team.

Curtis: He is our developer.

In order to develop this site and make it meet the demands of the users, we need your comment. In addition, if you have any problem need to discuss, please feel free to contact us. It is our honor to assist you!

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