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Challenging players all around the world with its hardness, Cube Field is a fantastic skill games from YoArcade that you should try. The gameplay’s background is mostly filled with grey, bringing out a simple feeling. The rule of the game is also pretty simple: there are many dangerous blocks on your way and your mission is to drive your ship through them all. The control keys are just the left and right arrow keys to move your ship to two sides.

It sounds not really new comparing to other driving games before, isn’t it? But actually, the hard of the game is not in the rule, but on the play screen. When you move your ship to any side, the screen also seems to sink to that side. This might be cool because it feels like you are actually in the ship and driving it, but at first, your game may be continuously over just because you can’t get used to this. It is very hard to drive the ship and avoid blocks accurately!

One more difficulty for you is that the speed of the ship is not slow at all. It is fast right from the beginning and it will become even faster in the game, so press the “P” key to pause them game when you need to relax.

Besides freshening you up for other daily tasks, it helps hone your decision making skills under pressure. Not very many games out here will have the capacity to help develop your brain with as such little brain. [1]

The further your ship travel, the more score you gain. Your score will be recorded as your own achievement! Hey driver, are you ready to take a seat in our ship and challenge yourself in a brand new race? Hold on tight and get it started with Cube Field right now!

Cube Field Unblocked

Cube Field Unblocked game has just been released at https://supersmashflash2beta.com – where you can find many more interesting games to try! Challenge yourself now with Cube Field Unblocked!

How to Play

Use Arrow keys to move the ship.

Avoid crashing into blocks and lead the ship as long as you can.

Press “P” to pause the game.

Tips and Tricks

Notice that the ship’s speed will be increased continuously.

Press Pause to pause the game whenever you need.

Cube Field Walkthrough

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