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Differentiated from other skill and survival games, Gun Mayhem, which was developed by ArmorGames, is attracting huge amount of players in the world due to its awesome content and various playing mode. In Gun Mayhem, you can never tell an exact rule to win the whole game because each game mode has a specific rule, which brings out a fantastic feeling as you are playing many games in just one!

The Campaign mode is a level-to-level mode, which means you have to knock out your enemies in each level to reach a new one. If you want to try other modes, click “Custom game” button to see more. There are 5 playing modes given here but you still can customize them by choosing some added features for each, such as the “Kill” target or the number of players.

In the “Last man standing” (single and team) mode, you have to fight back the AI players or your friends by shooting them off the playground by the guns given in random crates falling down from the sky. In the “Duck survival” mode, the goal is not eliminating other players anymore but to kill the falling ducks and survive as long as possible. Avoid interacting the ducks since the can explode and cost you 1 life. Whoever is the last man surviving will win the game. The “Gun Game” mode brings you another experience while you are given all of the kinds of gun in Gun Mayhem one-by-one to play the game.

After killing an enemy, you will be given a new gun. Player who uses all of the gun in the shortest time will be the winner. “1 hit 1 kill” – as its name – means that you can kill your enemy in just one shot. But be careful because they can do that to you too, and you are given only 5 shots per life! Sounds interesting enough, shooters? Join the game now to have a fantastic experience with your friends as your teammate or enemies now at Gun Mayhem!

Gun Mayhem Unblocked

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How to Play

Control keys are changeable. Access “Options” to see the default keys and change them if you want.

Tips and Tricks

The key to win depends on what mode you choose.

Be aware that some strong weapons may push yourself backward when shooting.


Author: Kevin Gu

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