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Gun Mayhem 2 - an incredible addictive shooter game for those who want to prove their shooter skills as well as reflex ability. Let's immerse yourself in the challenging world of this super cool game and enjoy the exciting moments that it brings.

About Gun Mayhem 2

If you think the internet games these days are silly, then Gun Mayhem 2 will make you second guess your own thought! Gun Mayhem 2 is a shooter game which was developed by Kevin Gu. The game serves an easy-to-play gameplay, which is mostly about battling against the harmful species. The game takes the player to a soft 3-D environment, in which he will have to use the gun equipped with him to fight back whatever attacks him.

Weapon in Gun Mayhem 2

Weapon in Gun Mayhem 2 

There are more than one colourful game world in Gun Mayhem 2 that the player can take time to explore them all. Once entering the game, you can select one mode among the Campaign, the Custom Game and the Challenges to start. Gun Mayhem 2 serves sixteen different campaigns that are ordered from easiest to hardest in the Campaign mode. While the Campaign mode lets you gain experiences slowly, the Custom Game will allow you to play the game the way you desire. So you can enjoy the game whether you are a newbie or a pro gamer.

You are able to choose one map you like and start your game without force. There are more than fifteen different maps with various details that will shock you from the beginning to the very end of your game time. If you are someone who likes challenges, then let’s pick the Challenges mode and see what happens. Don’t you dare trying one of the challenge from Gun Mayhem 2?

As you challenge-accepter desire, Gun Mayhem 2 will rate your performance using golden stars. The more golden stars you get, the better your performance is. In an addition to that, Gun Mayhem 2 even enables its players to customize character’s look including Hat, Face, and Shirt. In the gaming field, as long as you not fall in the abyss, you remain a life. Try your best to shoot down your opponent and win your battles in Gun Mayhem 2 today and claim your own victory!

How to Play

  1. For Player 1:

Use the arrow keys to move in the game.

Press Z and X to fire and use bomb.

  1. For Player 2:

Use A/ W/ S/ D keys to move in the game.

Press T and Y to fire and use bomb.

Controls in Gun Mayhem 2

Controls in Gun Mayhem 2

Tips and Tricks

Try to push your opponent until he fails into the abyss.

The Campaign mode which includes the Tutorial is the best choice for a beginner.

Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked

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Gun Mayhem 2 Walkthrough

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