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Learn to Fly 2 is a flying game, which was successfully developed by Light Bringer Games. This game is a great sequel to the Learn to Fly game, the one that has been blowing the Internet lately for its pure elements. Follow the footstep of its predecessor, Learn to Fly 2 promises to bring in a better themed-gameplay with lot of beautiful elements. Let’s find out about this game together!

About Learn to Fly 2 Game

If you were a Penguin, would you accept the faith that you cannot fly for your whole life? Well, that’s maybe what a penguin in real life thinks, not the one in Learn to Fly 2. In the game, you will get to make a penguin fly through practicing and challenging your gaming skill. The game really brings in an understanding gameplay, which allows you to start the game either in Mute or Unmute mode.

Mode in Learn to Fly 2


As clear as each mode’s name indicates, you can choose to listen to the thrilling sounds from the game or not. However, the center of the candy labeled Learn to Fly 2 includes three different gaming options such as Arcade, Story and Classic modes. Start with the Story mode, you will learn to make it through the Crash Course, in which you will have to destroy the 5 obstacles by hitting them. The game sure will reward you with cash as you score in different categories including Distance, Altitude, Speed, Duration and Destruction after each flight.

You are free to challenge yourself in order to gain extra cash. Playing through each day of the Story mode, you will nurture your love for the game that you are playing. After each day of your Adventure, Learn to Fly 2 will give you a summary of your performance, check up on it if you really want to improve yourself and make new records. Learn to Fly 2 sure will make your hear skip a beat as you wait for the result to come out at the very end of each flight. Now let’s start the wonderful journey of Learn to Fly 2 and aim for the victory you deserve. Have fun!

 Items in Learn to Fly 2

Lots of interesting items in Learn to Fly 2 that you can use to create your own spaceship

Learn to Fly 2 Unblocked

As you desire, here comes Learn to Fly 2 Unblocked. This version of the game is totally a hit at https://supersmashflash2beta.com. This is a safe gaming site that you can count on whenever you want to say goodbye to the sadness. Check it out!

How to play

Use the left [A] or right [D] arrow keys to Tilt.

Use the Mouse to control everything in the game if you demand.

Tips and Tricks

You can skip through the inappropriate intro of the game and quickly get to the main gameplay by simply click on the screen using the Left Click button.

Once you forget to choose the Mute mode, you can mute the tab you are using in your browser in order to stay undercover.

Learn to Fly 2 Walkthrough

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