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About Moto X3M Game

Having been played and loved by thousands of player in the world, Moto X3M – published by Mad Puffers studio (Facebook | Twitter )– is a dirt bike racing game in which you can feel yourself as a real dirt bike racer. The gameplay doesn’t let you customize your character but don’t worry since he is cool enough. Moto X3M is considered to have a nice game theme, well-designed look and great soundtrack, making the game more attractive.

The gameplay is divided into many levels with tons of difficult terrains. Riding your bike under dangerous rocks or fly upward in the sky are awesome feelings you will be able to experience when playing this game. The controls are totally in 4 arrow keys, helping you to accelerate, brake, tilt left or tilt right. You just need to past a level to ride in the next one but to achieve star in a level, you have to ride it fast. The time will be counted since your bike appears.

Each map includes many short roads. After failing at one, you just have to re-start your motorbike at that road, not the whole race. There is a finishing mark at the end of a map, reaching it means that you have finished the level and be ready to move to the next one. With awesome design in the look and the map, Moto X3M is definitely a great choice in the genre of dirt bike racing game for you! Jump into the race and gain the stars for yourself now at Moto X3M!

Moto X3M Unblocked

A brand new race for our dirt bikers – Moto X3MUnblocked game is now available. The game can be found at https://supersmashflash2beta.com along with many more awesome racing games. Get your bike into to the map now at Moto X3MUnblocked!

How to Play

Use arrow keys to accelerate, brake, tilt left and tilt right.

Finish the level as fast as possible to collect stars.

Tips and Tricks

Use the tilt left and tilt right keys to keep balance in some dangerous terrains.

Riding fast is not helpful in some cases.

Moto X3M Walkthrough

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