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Paper Minecraft is a good Minecraft video game, which contributes to the great series of Minecraft. This game is developed by Griffpatch and published by Scratch. Among several games about Minecraft out there, it’s a waste not to mention Paper Minecraft since the gameplay of it is such a masterpiece. Let’s find it out with us now!

About Paper MineCraft Game

In Paper Minecraft, there are three different game modes such as Survival, Peaceful and Creative. You are able to select one out of two World Type such as Default and Flat. The game brings in two different skin types including Steve and Alex. After the world you select is well generated, you will step right into the game world of Paper Minecraft.

The Survival mode in Paper Minecraft lets you be in the environment that is half water and half air. You will have to try your best to crash the blocks around you in order not to sink in the water that will kill you as you run out of the bubbles that allow you to breathe under water. Unlike the challenging Survival mode, the Peaceful enables you to go on such an interesting adventure, in which you can freely explore the game world without fear of being killed. With the help of arrow keys on the keyboard, it’s not hard to move around in the game world of Paper Minecraft.

Items in Paper Minecraft

Where you can store all achieved items when playing  Paper minecraft

Alongside with Survival and Peaceful mode, the Creative mode in Paper Minecraft allows the player to play the game in his own way. The game shows a chest that lies at the bottom of the screen, which will carry everything that you achieve during the gameplay. Don’t forget to explore everything in the game world of Paper Minecraft and fill up your chest with the best items.

With tons of information about Paper Minecraft that you can read above, isn’t it too interesting to play such a good game like Paper Minecraft right away? Don’t wait and waste the time for nothing, you should start playing and enjoying Paper Minecraft right away!

Paper Minecraft Unblocked

Do you want to experience more from Paper Minecraft?Let’s try the unblocked version of this game, which is now available at the free gaming site https://supersmashflash2beta.com. This site is a place-to-go when you are in need of a good game to play such as Paper Minecraft. Have fun!

How to Play

Press Up arrow key to Jump.

Press Left arrow key to turn Left.

Press Right arrow key to turn Right.

Use the Mouse cursor to control the direction of your character and crash things.

Tips and Tricks

If you are a newbie to Paper Minecraft, we suggest you to try the Peaceful mode and take time to find out everything in the game.

In Survival mode, you can try crash things in the left side first in order to allow the water to flow into the space that you are going to make.

Paper MineCraft Walkthrough

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