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About Plants vs Zombies Game

With Plants vs Zombies, you will commit yourself to the Battles against the Zombies that are trying to invade your own land. Imagine one day, when the life after death is a thing and the Zombies is now a part of the society, what would people do? Developed by PopCap Games (Facebook / Twitter), Plants vs Zombies is a wonderful Tower Defense game, in which you will have to protect your land and brain from the waves of enemies.

What’s interesting about this game is that you don’t have to fight the zombies with bare hands since the Plants are all around to help you fight off those dangerous creatures. You will start the game with choosing the types of plants you want to have in your battles. Each plant has a unique power and it’s your chance to explore them all through battles.

One the left side of the screen, you will start plating your plants, using the sun energy that you get either from the sky or the sun flowers that you will plant. Just like a natural rule, the plants you grow will gain their bigger size as they are ready for the Battles.

Plants vs Zombies will let you know when the wave of zombies is coming. It depends on the stage you play to count the numbers of zombies’ waves you will have to take down. The one and only mission is to eliminate all the enemies before they have chance to eat up the brains you have in your backyard. Let’s kick off the game now!

How to Play

Use the mouse cursor to drag the plants into the square that you want.

Make in-game options as you desire.

Tips and Tricks

The sun flowers will give you sun energy, so plant at least one line of sun flowers to take the advantage of them.

Try putting the Potato at the beginning of your slow down the zombies and give your plants time to shoot the zombies down.

Plants vs Zombies Unblocked

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Plants vs Zombies Walkthrough

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