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About Return Man 3 Game

Powered by Mini Monster Media and published by ESPN Arcade, Return Man 3 is a realistic sport video game, which bases on the American Football. As the title says. In this game, you will take the role of a punt returner; whose job is catching the ball after it is punted and returns it in order to give his team good field position.

The point of your action is scoring a touchdown for your team! This mission seems like an easy one without the the defenders that will try to stop you any time you reach their area. The game sure brings in three blockers that will play a big role in your performance since they will help you bounce and tackle the nearby defenders.

Return Man 3 serves you with some Power-ups that enable you to boost your temporary speed. The game allows you to unlock new blocker’s outfit as you progress in it. Even when you are not a fan of American Football, you will still be into this game anyway because of its beautiful graphics.

Even more, the game is the sequel to the two former games in the franchise of Return Man that have loved globally. What are you waiting for? Let’s start up the gameplay of Return Man 3 and see how many scores you can earn. Have fun!

Return Man 3 Unblocked

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How to Play

Press the I K J L that represent Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys to move.

To use special moves, press A S and D.

Tips and Tricks

Stay close to the blockers that you are accompanied with.

You can run around the playground to distract the defenders.

Return Man 3 Walkthrough

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