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Super Smash Flash is an interesting fighting browser game that was created by McLeodGaming (1). This game is based on a very popular series game of Nintendo, Super Smash Bros series. With addictive fighting gameplay, a rich character system including a variety of famous ones, and lots of prominent features, this is a-worthy-to-try game! Let's follow us to learn more about this game!

About Super Smash Flash 1

What if you get chance to experience the game world which has all the favorite gaming characters of all time? With Super Smash Flash, your childhood’s friends such as Pikachu, Mario Bros and more will gather and play the best roles they can. Programmed by McLeodGaming Inc., Super Smash Flash is a fighting video game that concentrates on action element.

Characters in Super Smash Flash

Characters in Super Smash Flash 

The game provides retro 8-Bit graphics with tons of classic items. You are well served in Super Smash Flash with both Single and Multiplayer modes. Feel free to explore the Single player mode (1-P), in which you can control your character using a second person perspective. In this mode, you can learn the combo skills and try to master your favorite character.

1-P Mode in Super Smash Flash

1-P Mode in Super Smash Flash 

For a Fighting game’s fan, the 1-P mode is super important since he can experience such gaming options as Regular Match, Stadium and Training. With Super Smash Flash, you have to get used to the Timing system. The amount of time you have to accomplish the game’s quest depends on the gaming option you choose. Finishing your game on time is one of the most necessary elements to earn the highest scores in Super Smash Flash.

Time in Super Smash Flash

Time in Super Smash Flash

Besides, you can stick with exploring the colorful game world of Super Smash Flash. Learning from the classic games such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more, Super Smash Flash allows you to immerse yourself in the 2D game world, divided into different stages with various decorations. And there are many different power-ups with cool effects that will appear randomly in the battlefield. So you should take these power-ups to get an advantage.

Power ups in Super Smash Flash

Power-ups in Super Smash Flash

Although the game serves its best gameplay with Battle element, the player still can have an interesting experience in Adventure mode, where he can start an adventure on his own. Super Smash Flash is a dream game, you can imagine it as a complication of all your favorite games in the past. Now let’s start with this amazing game and write your own faith. Have fun!

How to play

Press ↑ to go Up.

Press ↓ to go Down.

Press ← to turn Left.

Press → to turn Right.

Press O to Jump.

Press P to attack.


Tips and tricks

Invite your friend to come and play with you sing the Multiplayer mode.

Try all the gaming options to see which one fits your gaming style the most.

Super Smash Flash Unblocked

Due to the growth of global desire for more from the original game, the unblocked version of Super Smash Flash was created with the hope of fulfilling the lacks of its predecessor. You can check up on Super Smash Flash Unblocked on the amazing gaming website https://supersmashflash2beta.com/super-smash-flash. You can pin this website to your web browser and visit it whenever you want.

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