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Superfighters is an awesome fighting game created by Alexander Siigur and published by MythoLogic Interactive. The graphics of this game may get you surprised by its simplification from the map background to the characters’ design. But with cool various fighting controls and play modes, Superfighters definitely brings you a great experience of fights!

About Superfighters game:

Graphics in Superfighters

Graphics in Superfighters 

For players whom got bored by fighting, surviving games with lame rules or poor playing modes, you are welcomed to try our brand new and super hot action game – Superfighters! Superfighters is a fighting game in which you, as a fighter, will have to win the game by your own strength, using your fist and gun. When you first access the game, you may be quite surprised by its graphics. It was designed with a traditional, simple graphics combining with a terrified soundtrack, making you feel like playing a video game published decades ago. Your character is a block man fighting against the game’s challenges.

The specialty of the game is in its content. It has many game modes for players to choose so it’s not all about killing other players like many other fighting games. In your first try, you are recommended to see the tutorial before starting the game. For the tutorial, use arrow keys to navigate, SPACE bar or ENTER to choose and press ESC to go back. There are some main control keys to control your character, like arrow keys to move, N key to fight with fist and M key to use gun. But notice that you can change these keys according to your favorite control keys anytime you want by accessing the Set Up button.

You can choose to play alone or play with one more friends in the 1 player mode or 2 players mode. In each mode, there are 3 other modes for you, which are the VS Mode, Stage Mode or the Survival. The VS Mode provides you a face-to-face fight between you and a computer player (1 player mode) or you and your friend (2 players mode) until one must be defeated to end the game, while in the Stage Mode, there are endless levels for you to try.

Stage modes in Superfighters

Stage modes in Superfighters 

You will fight against a computer player or together with your friend as teammates and fight back a computer team, win a stage to unlock the next one. But the final mode - Survival is a real challenge for you. You and your friend will get into a fight with endless waves of enemies. New enemies will be added into the fight continuously and your goal is to kill and survive through many waves as you can. There is no ending point in Survival, just achieve better and better records!

Considered as one of the best fighting games available, Superfighters is a must-tried game that you should get yourself into! Show off your skills and strength now with Superfighters!

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How to play:

Left and right keys to move.

Double-tap and hold left – right keys to move faster.

Up key to run and down key to crouch.

Press down while sprinting to perform a dive.

Press “N” key to fight and “M” key to shoot.

Use up and down keys to aim while shooting.

Tips and tricks:

Controls of Superfighters

Controls of Superfighters 

A dive may help you knock your enemies down, avoid damage from falling and avoid bullets from enemies.

Notice that control keys can be changed in the Set up button, change them until you feel comfortable using them.

Pills and medkits help revive your blood.

Superfighters Walkthrough

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