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About The Impossible Quiz 2 Game

Enjoy The Impossible Quiz 1? It’s time to switch to the even funnier sequel of it called The Impossible Quiz 2. Developed by Slapp-me-do (1), The Impossible Quiz 2 serves a similar gameplay to its predecessor, which enables the player to take several randomly quizzes. Unlike some negative thoughts you might have about the simple gameplay of The Impossible Quiz 2, the game definitely has its own rules and thrilling elements to make you gaming experience be more challenging.

First thing first, the game requires quick reflexes and mouse skills that are vitally important. Besides, some insane logic will be good friends of yours as you advance in the game. The Impossible Quiz 2 sure will bring in lot of surprises in questions with multiple choices. You will have to face the fact that some questions includes a bomb in it, which means you will have to run against time in order to solve the question before the bomb explodes.

With the hope of giving you a solution to the hard quests in the game, The Impossible Quiz 2 serves some powerful Power-Ups but, again it’s super tricky to find out where the Power-Ups are hidden. You can also collect the Skip buttons to skip through one question simply. With the information provided above, it’s time to start playing The Impossible Quiz 2 and see how far you can reach! Let’s go!

The Impossible Quiz 2 Unblocked

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How to Play

Follow the in-game instructions and don’t even leave a line unread.

Use the mouse cursor to point and click.

Tips and Tricks

Bomb Fuses can range between 15 seconds and 1 second, you will have to be alert!

The Fuse stoppers will help you to stop the bomb, but you will have to click on them when you see that their eyes are open.

The Impossible Quiz 2 Walkthrough

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